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You can register using either the Japanese or English registration form. If you can read and write Japanese well, and/or if you want to register as interpreter and/or translator, please use the Japanese form.

For the person who wants to register.

International Language Academy cannot accept applicants whose visa is going to expire within 6 months.

Required fields are marked . Please fill in as much information as possible.

To update your registration.

1, Select “This is to update my registration.”
2, Fill in your “Teacher ID number” provided to you by E-mail when you registered for the first time.
3, Fill in your family name and first name in the requested spaces.
4, Fill in your E-mail and reconfirm in the requested spaces.
5, And then please fill in only the spaces where you want to update.   ※The information from 1-4 are essential to identify and update your registration.

This is the first time to register.
This is to update my registration.┓
  Teacher ID number
Which language do you want to teach?

If you answered “other language”, what is it?:
What is your native tongue?
Which plan do you want to apply for? For see detail of each plan, see “Outline of the school”

Note: Normal plan teachers cannot apply to be translators
How long have you been in Japan?
What is your level of Japanese?
Do you have any Japanese qualifications?
Academic background (university level and higher) e.g.)
 graduate from ABC university in 2000

If you are a student, please include your student ID number (Gakuseki Bango).
What is your present occupation?
Do you have any experience working in a company? e.g.)
 from 1999 to 2003 worked for ABC company
Do you have any experience teaching individually or in a language school? (If yes, please indicate the name of the school.) Individually
Language School
e.g. ABC English School in Ikebukuro from 2000 Feb. to 2004 March
Name Family NameFirst name
Sex Male | Female
Current address in Japan Zip code: e.g.123-4567

Date of birth Year Month Date
E-mail address We usually contact you by E-mail, so please indicate the address that you read regularly.
Please fill in your E-mail address again!  PC:
E-mail address of your mobile phone. To facilitate our correspondence, if possible, please let us know your E-mail address of your mobile phone.
Please fill in your E-mail address again! Mobile:
What time is convenient for you?
First best  --
What time is convenient for you? e.g. 22:00-23:00
Second best --
What time is convenient for you?
Third best --
What time is convenient for you?
Address in your home country
Period of home leave
What kind of VISA do you have and when will it expire?
→Expiration date
When do you plan to go back to your country? 
Closest train line & station to your home line station
Where do you want to teach? Please fill in the name of one station per square.
List as many places as possible.

line station station station station station
Can you teach in another area which is nearby but not exactly the station you listed? Negotiable
Additional information regarding the stations and train lines where you want to teach, if any.
Where do you want to teach?
You can select more than one.
Family restaurant
Fast food shop 
at the student’s house 
at my house 

Note) Our school recommends female teachers to refrain from holding lessons in a private environment. We cannot take any responsibility for any problem that may arise.
When can you teach?  e.g.)
Saturday 10:00〜12:00 and 15:30〜18:00
Day Hour Hour
The more available time you have, the easier and faster it will be for us to introduce you to potential students.
Additional information on the days and times you want to teach, if any.
Levels that you can teach
(you can select more than one)
Most advanced  
Travel conversation  
For qualification test----------- name of the test:
Other----------------------- Other:
Can you teach children?   Yes  No
Why do you want to teach? (within 800 letters)
What are your strengths as a teacher? (within 800 letters)
Hobbies and interests: (This information is essential for matching you with students, so please list concisely as many as possible)
(within 800 letters)
Your recent picture. Please send a recent (within the last 6 months) picture which shows your face clearly. (Your picture enables us to introduce you students better. If you don't have one now, please send it to us later using this form. Select "to update my registration" and attach your picture.

(Please send it in GIF, JPG, PNG format, the max 100 KB)
Please inform us where you have known our academy (the name or address of the website, google, yahoo, etc). Any questions, comments, or requests are also welcome.

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